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Cooking at home:  reducing salt

by Maureen Tilley, RD



According to the Canadian Medical Association, the average sodium intake of Canadians is 3,400 mg a day. In fact, 97 per cent of children and teens, 83 per cent of Canadian women and 85 per cent of Canadian men eat enough sodium to put them at risk for health complications and disease. So the emphasis now is simply on getting people to eat much less salt, and for good reason. Most people do not recognize the toll sodium takes on our health. Researchers have calculated that 30 to 40 deaths a day could be prevented if Canadians followed the daily sodium recommendation!

I met Caia at a Transition Bay Workshop in which we were both presenters. She presented on home fermentation. Intrigued by the whole fermentation process and the health benefits of fermented foods – I decided to interview her for this blog. Read on….

Fermenting:  preserving the harvest

Interviewed by Edie Shaw-Ewald, RD

This week’s blog post is brought to us by Chef Mike O’Hanlon. Mike was trained in the UK, and has worked as a chef in the UK, Australia, and Canada. He is currently employed by Sobeys Wyse Road in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, where he teaches cooking classes, helps customers with easy meal ideas, and conducts food demonstrations. Mike’s passion is getting people back into the kitchen and helping them learn to make their own food from fresh ingredients. He favours rustic cooking methods that keep things simple while creating great taste, texture, and aromas – creating a ‘party in your mouth’! You can contact Chef Mike at:

Find the Flavour! How to make the most of your dishes.

brought to us by Chef Mike O’Hanlon

It’s here. The unofficial end to summer, that is – otherwise known as the Labour Day long weekend. For many this also means it’s time for one last hurrah before vacations end and kids return to class for another year. What could be a better way to say so long to summer than with an easy cookout? If you’re planning to fire up the barbeque this weekend, here are some tips to help you savour a safe and healthy and meal. 

Savour the End of Summer

by Kelsey Kennedy, RD

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