December  2014 Blogs

Healthy Holidays

Stephanie Clairmont's Tips for Healthy Eating during those busy holiday days.

Thank you to Stephanie Clairmont, RD for sharing her blog.

Stephanie Clairmont is a Registered Dietitian living and working in Ontario.  She leads a holistic health practice called The Clairmont Digestive Clinic.  You can learn more about Stephanie's clinic by following this link   


Stephanie's December 1st blog provides stragegies to take care of yourself during the busy holiday days.  You can read Stephanie's blog here: 

The Gift of Great Taste

By Sarah Campbell-Bligh, RD, Sobeys Dietitian

We all have those hard-to-shop- for people on our holiday gift giving lists. People you would like to gift, but who either seem to have everything or who don’t want anything in particular. This year, instead of fighting it out in the malls, why not give the gift of great taste with an edible gift? Everyone eats, and most people will appreciate the time and effort that goes into an edible gift!

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