February 2014 Blogs

The Mediterranean Diet!

As far as diet plans go, the Mediterranean diet has definitely been shown to be one to follow. This colourful and wholesome diet is based on the traditional cooking styles of countries such as Greece, Spain and Italy, which border the Mediterranean Sea (1). The diet emphasizes the consumption of fruit, vegetables, fish and whole grains, while limiting unhealthy fats, red meats and sweets (2). Other recommendations include a choosing olive oil (an unsaturated fat) as opposed to saturated fats like butter and nuts which primarily provide healthy unsaturated fats. In addition to providing some impressive dietary recommendations, the Mediterranean diet encourages a healthy lifestyle, which includes physical activity, moderate consumption of red wine and abstaining from smoking and excessive alcohol consumption (2). 

Which diet is the best for heart health: a diet higher protein, unsaturated fat or carbohydrate? 

 by Lindsay Buchanan, RD

Why you should know about OmniHeart


What is the best way to eat healthy? Currently this is an area that leaves more questions than answers, despite an increase in access to nutrition information. However, one study in particular – the Optimal Macronutrient Intake Trial to Prevent Heart Disease (OmniHeart) – has demonstrated some very impressive results in the realm of heart health. Nutrition experts around the world are excited about its potential. 

Another Reason to be Veggie-Centric!

 by Nicole Dube, RD, CDE

When it comes to developing heart disease there are many factors that can put us at risk: diet, exercise, stress, weight, alcohol consumption, family history, gender, ethnicity and age (1). Some of these we can alter, others we cannot. Luckily diet is one we have control over and small changes can add up to big results in terms of protecting your heart!

Digging Into the Paleo Diet!

 by Nicole Maillet

Social media is utilized more and more often as a primary method to market health information. Often it can be difficult to discern credible sources online, and misinformation is easily spread with the click of a button. As new food and nutrition trends become indisputably fashionable, it seems dietitians are needed now more than ever to evaluate a variety of health claims. One new pattern of eating, which has exploded in popularity over the past 10 years is the Paleo diet. (1).

Healthy Eating on a Budget!

 by Marika Heinrichs, Research Assistant & Chris Stothart, RD

Eating a nutritious diet when money and time are tight can be a real challenge. No matter how skilled someone is at budgeting, planning and coupon collecting, at the end of the day there often isn’t enough money to access food that is needed to eat a nutritionally adequate diet. This can lead to some tough decisions being made at the grocery store in order to avoid hunger for the shoppers and their families. Often, as a result, this means foregoing healthier alternatives for less healthy but cheap and filling foods.

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