February 2015

Heart Health Month

Janet Helm is a nutrition journalist, registered dietitian and author of the blog Nutrition Unplugged. In this post she clears up the confusion around saturated fat and heart health.

Thank you to Janet Helm, RD for sharing her blog.

Read Janet's blog Saturated Fat is Back, Or Is Is? here.

Fibre - The Way to your Heart Health 
By Maureen Tiley, P.Dt

Author of Hold the Salt! & Hold that Hidden Salt!

If you are like most Canadians, you’re likely not getting enough fibre in your diet: Canadians average about 14g per day[1].  That's much less than the daily recommendation for people 9 years & older of 25-38g/day (4-8 years: 25g/day, 1-3 years: 19g/day).



Fibre provides many benefits beyond keeping your bowels regular -  it also plays an important cardio-protective role.




[1] http://www.heartandstroke.com/site/c.ikIQLcMWJtE/b.3484239/


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