July Blogs

Experience a Community Garden: The Common Roots Urban Farm
by Edie Shaw-Ewald, RD

Are you yearning to grow some of your own food, but live in a city apartment with a north facing shady balcony? Consider getting involved with an urban garden.
If you are a Haligonian, consider visiting the Common Roots Urban Farm to see what is growing, have a nibble and sign up for a plot to call your own! I visited the Common Roots Urban Farm to find out more about it. Jayme Melrose (JM), the project coordinator, toured me around the site, enthusiastically answered all of my questions and more!


The Joyful Gardener

by Diana Chard, RD

One of my earliest memories is sitting alongside my mother as she weeded her vegetable garden.  She probably has similar memories of her own childhood, as her parents were farmers as well.   So it was just a natural progression that I would eventually follow in her rubber boot footprints, pick up my hoe and rake, and get down to it.  


A Starter Kitchen Garden

by Niki Jabbour

Whether you own a large tract of land, an urban lot or a small balcony you can plant a kitchen garden filled with tantalizing vegetables, fresh herbs, and beautiful flowers to nourish the body and the soul. Simply put, a kitchen garden is a vegetable garden with style. This style is reflected in both the design and planting of the garden, which may combine an array of  vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruit trees and berries in a single space in a way that is both productive and attractive.
Before you break ground, start by asking a few questions - How many people will be eating from the garden? How much time can we devote to the garden? What do we like to eat? The answers to these questions will give you an idea of how large to make your garden and what to grow.


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