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52 Weeks of Salad

An exerpt from Niki Jabbour's Groundbreaking Food Gardens book about Michelle Chapman's 52 Weeks of Salad


Illustrations by (c) Mary Ellen Carsley

Provided with the permission of the publisher



garden doesn’t have to be large to be productive, as demonstrated by Michelle Chapman’s modest 4- by 8-foot plot that provides a steady supply of leafy crops for every week of the year. 

The Dirt on Composting


This week Dietitians Network of Nova Scotia spoke with Carla Scholten, Speech Language

Pathologist at Hants Community Hospital (HCH) in Windsor, to get her perspective on

composting. Carla is a home gardener, and she been making her own compost for around

15 years. Here is a look at Carla’s experience with composting. We connected with Carla

through Lynn Campbell, our current Dietitian of the Month, who works closely with Carla at




Adventures of a New Gardener

by Julia Hudson, RD


As I enter my sixth summer as a “condo-dweller” in central Halifax I find that I am curious about the options for gardening in the city and motivated to grow a garden. This summer I am determined to make the most of my 12ft by 4ft condo balcony. Being a new gardener and a dietitian my goal is to cultivate simple nutritious vegetables that are easily grown in containers on my balcony.



Eat Your Yard

An exerpt from Niki Jabbour's Groundbreaking Food Gardens book with insight from Nan K Chase

Illustrations by (c) Anne Smith

Provided with the permission of the publisher


Traditionally, the front yard of a home is reserved for a lawn and maybe a foundation planting of trees and shrubs. Nan Chase upends conventional thought by growing fruiting trees, shrubs, and vines, as well as vegetables and herbs, alongside the ornamental plants in her landscape. The end result? Her small garden is able to supply much of her family’s fruit and vegetable needs for the year and the majority of their fresh herbs.



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