March 2014 Blogs

Meals Made Easy: Five Steps to Success!

 by Sarah Campbell-Bligh, RD

If you’re like me, you’re tired when you get home from work. Whether your job is mentally or physically demanding (or both!) sometimes coming home and needing to cook can feel overwhelming. We all know that home cooked meals are better for us, and our pocket books, than restaurant food or prepackaged meals but sometimes it’s so hard to muster up the energy to walk into the kitchen and start cooking. If you feel this way, you’re not alone - many people do. Fortunately there is a solution: meal planning!

Make Family Mealtime Your Mission!

 by Edie Shaw-Ewald, RD

My personal mission to ensure that my family eats meals together most nights of the week probably arose out of my childhood memories. Every night at six o’ clock Mom rang the dinner bell to call the six children and Dad to dinner. We would gather around the table, say grace, chat, joke, bicker and share food. It was a ritual that we could all count on. Rules and manners were enforced with a gentle but consistent firmness, traditions and family stories were passed on and the family bonds were created.I am sure that this created my love for good food and companionship.

The Buzz About Beans!

So what is all the “buzz” about beans lately? They’ve been called the new super food and have been promoted as a healthy alternative to meat. But they’re not just for vegetarians - they can be a tasty and nutritious component of any balanced diet. They’ve long been a main feature in many cuisines around the world, from eEdamame or soy beans in J Japan to Mexican bean burritos. There are many varieties of beans and legumesbeans and many different ways to prepare them. Read on for a few helpful tips on cooking with beans and a great bean recipe to get you started!

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