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Enjoy Meals as a Family


by Edie Shaw-Ewald, RD

“Backbone parents provide a healthy and flexible structure for mealtime. It is a celebration, an occasion to come together as a family to nourish the body, mind, and soul.”

                                                -Barbara Coloroso, author of ‘Kids are Worth It’


Gathering around the dinner table, as a family -without television or cell phones – is a time to bond with others, give gratitude and enjoy the meal. 


This may seem like an obvious statement, but with busy modern schedules we all need a reminder once in awhile as to how important the family mealtime is to children and adults alike.

Viva la Home Cook

by Lindsay Buchanan, RD

It’s been said the most powerful tool we have for health is our fork. For those working on weight management and maintenance, cooking and eating more meals at home might be the key to success. Researchers examining the impact of eating meals out of the home recruited over 1000 men and women and monitored their food choices for one week. Participants in the trial kept food diaries and took photos of all the foods they ate. GPS monitors were also worn by participants so the location of meals could be accurately observed.


Shop - Don't Let Nutrition Labels Bring You Down

by Valarie MacPherson, RD

When it comes to grocery shopping, reading labels and comparing products is key to making healthy food choices. According to the Ipsos Reid survey, half of Canadians always or very often read the nutrition label on a food before purchasing. Only 11% rarely or never read labels. However, many consumers who read nutrition labels find them very confusing and often overlook important information such as the nutrition facts table and serving size.

Find yourself overwhelmed by the nutrition label on your food item?
*Tip:  Check the percentages! Nutrition labels work best when you use them to compare products.


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