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Provided by Diana Dibblee, RD 


Nutrition is a funny thing, everyone seems to be an expert.   It is in the news daily and there are always lists of new fad foods and diets popping up, offering something extraordinary.  We know that what we study, is certainly a mixture of science and art.  Like most dietitians, I like to base my knowledge and advice on well known, scientific facts.  Then comes the art:  food is very social and personal.  For example, do you think about the environment when you shop?  Do you visit local markets, for foods in season?  Either way, I hope that you may find some of these blogs helpful.   Some are found in our region and others, more widespread, but they will give you some idea of what is available on the vast net.  No doubt you have many more to share.  Please send along your ideas, and we will be happy to add in your suggestions!


Here are a few of my favs:


Weighty Matters- Yoni Freedhoff. I have followed this blog for years.  Yoni is a doctor, based in Toronto, Ont.  I have heard him speak, and learn so much about what he writes online at Weighty Matters. You may not find the latest nutritional "super food", but be sure that his info is always thought provoking and based on science.  He is keen on promoting healthy foods and beverages, given what he learns with each new nutritional food/company or study/organization he critiques.


The Enlightened Eater-Rosie Schwartz.  This well know and publicized dietitian has a great blog that highlights a lot of what is going on in the nutrition world in Canada.  She posts fairly regularly about the hot topics you often hear cited by the media, she presents the facts.  I love her tips and tricks section in particular and with her wealth of knowledge, there is much to learn from her posts.


Balanced Proportions-Kelly Whalen and her team of Maritime based dietitians have a great blog where they post about healthy food and active living choices.  Her latest post from July clarifies why we are rethinking juice as a healthy choice as found in our current Canada Food Guide.  It is a hot topic and Kelly sums up the pros and cons while using sound research to explain her points.


Simple Balance- While not a dietitian, I do enjoy reading the blogs posted on Halifax based Wendy McCallum's family- friendly website.  She takes cooking seriously but also lightly, as her recipes are easy to follow without too many ingredients you are hard pressed to find.  She also has a great cookbook with tips and innovative ways to use locally, found foods.


Adventures in Local Food-Led by the team at our local Ecology Action Center, this blog discusses nutrition and food from an environmental perspective.  I find great tips on how to use and preserve local foods and herbs, ideas for use of foods in season and lots of information on how to support a just and sustainable food system here in Canada.


Slow food Nova Scotia blog-While not necessarily focusing on healthy foods, this is a great blog where you can find info about the farmers, foods and events across our great province.  There are recipes shared that highlight Nova Scotia foods.  One of their mandates is to promote good, clean and fair food from local producers.  Love it!


Dietitians of Canada-You can google these dietitians' recognized food blogs in Canada on the DC site.  I didn't have time to check them all out but if you are interested and have some time to read, here is the link:


There is a huge array of blogs that you could take a lifetime to track.  I try to follow a couple each day and then google others when I am researching a nutrition topic. 


What are you favorites? 


Feel free to share.



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