The Life of a Student-Athlete

by Luke Corey, RD


A few years ago (ok, 13 years ago!) I entered the strange & scary world of life as a student-athlete in university. Immediately, I was faced with the daunting task of managing a full course load (including labs!), completing assignments, studying for exams, having a social life, and also training for the varsity soccer team. There was little room to do anything else, including eating!


As a naïve teenager, I figured I could get away with eating whatever I wanted. I was young, I would burn it all off anyway, right?!? Well, on a daily basis, I would find myself both mentally and physically exhausted, and it was only lunchtime! Often, I would fall asleep in class or not be able to stay focused. I would also go to soccer practice with barely enough energy to finish the warm-up.

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