Dietitians have always been positive that eating vegetables and fruits is good for your health. Now a study shows that eating lots of vegetables and fruits can make you more positive!.


A study conducted by Boehm and associates at the Harvard School of Public Health looked at the association between a high vegetable and fruit intake and optimism. 982 men and women completed a questionnaire about their attitudes on life and had their blood samples analyzed for 9 different anti-oxidants such as carotenoids, found in orange vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes. The most optimistic individuals had the highest blood concentrations of antioxidants – up to 13% higher than the least optimistic participants.


Researchers concluded that this likely works both ways as optimistic people usually engage in healthier habits such as eating lots of vegetables and fruit, which increases antioxidants in the blood. Increased levels of antioxidants in the blood are associated with better physical health that increases optimism. So keep your plate half full of vegetables and you will see your cup as half full also!

Vegetable Eaters More Optimistic

by Edie Shaw-Ewald, RD

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