“What do we know about change? Change is possible… Lasting change is best… Change is a challenge… Change is possible.” –Dr. Michael Vallis


In previous blog posts we left you contemplating your goals, and by this week, you should have your SMART goal in hand. See our last two blog posts if you’re just getting started23.


Sometimes following our goals may feel more like stumbling along in a general direction rather than following a path. Change is a challenge and there can often be a disconnect between knowing what to do, and doing it. Now we will focus on how to take the first few steps, and learn to walk on the path you’ve chosen.


First of all, stay positive and surround yourself with people who are positive too. Nothing puts a damper to your motivation like negativity. Remember that you made this goal for a reason: don’t be afraid to be passionate about it! Tell people what you are trying to change, tell them again, and give them regular updates. If you feel comfortable, write a post on Facebook or tweet about it on Twitter. Let the world know about how you want to be better. Letting people know will help to keep you accountable and it can also create a support system and a cheerleading section for you to lean on.


Don’t forget to compliment yourself and allow yourself flexibility to be less than perfect. Many of us often start goals by focusing on the things we don’t like about ourselves. Think of at least one thing that you like about yourself everyday– it can be a simple compliment, just something to remind you to love yourself (and that there is a lot about you to love).


There will be times when you take steps off of your path, but don’t give up. In order to create lasting change, you need to make real lifestyle changes. Take some time and think about what helps you to succeed and barriers that hold you back. This is an important process to set yourself up for success to create lasting change.


“How does this all apply to me?” you might ask. For example, if you resolved to lose weight this year what does that have to do with positivity, enablers/barriers, and this whole blog post for that matter? It’s just weight loss, right? Wrong: this isn’t just about the number on the scale. You want to stop the yo-yo weight cycle. You want to have an environment around you that helps you become a healthier, happier you. You certainly can’t control it all, but being aware of your environment can help you understand a little more about why you needed to make this goal in the first place. For instance, maybe your significant other has been completely supportive and has vowed to eat healthier and exercise with you, but conversely you work right next to a delicious burger and fries joint and often find yourself eating lunch there. Creating and celebrating supports and overcoming barriers and challenges are important to making lasting lifestyle changes. So Make sure to thank your partner or friend for all of their continued support and bring a delicious lunch to work you can look forward to.


We can have all the good intentions and planning in the world but, in the end, real life happens. You need to create a path towards your goals that will fit into your life. You need to change to see change.



  •       Be positively positive and passionate about your goal

  •       Compliment yourself at least once a day, every day

  •       Take an inventory of what enables you to succeed, and barriers to your goal


Recap! This is what we’ve done in the last few weeks.



  •       Create SMART goals to set yourself up for success!



  •       Accept the fact that change is hard, and it takes time.

  •       Love yourself. Be positive about your own change and don’t put yourself down.

  •       Find your drive, your motivation.



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Walking the Path - One Step at a Time!

by Kelly Whalen

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